First week

Four months ago I decided to shift my career’s trajectory to the world of software development, and last week that journey officially began when I had my first day of class at Nashville Software School (NSS). In that short interim I’ve traveled several thousand miles around the country, been a groomsman in two weddings, experienced four music festivals, created hundreds of snaps and completed 80+ hours of prework for NSS. My transition back to a normal routine has been going well.

Being back in the classroom–almost five years exactly since I graduated from Belmont University–has been both refreshing and humbling. Humbling, in that I am intentionally putting myself into a domain that I know nothing about. But refreshing, likewise, when I hear from my teachers, mentors and colleagues that you never quite stop feeling like a sophomore (read: idiot).

On the first day, after the typical orientation and introductions, we were invited to watch capstone presentations from another class that were 12 weeks (half-way) through the program. From these individual projects I was able to begin setting personal expectations for my progress through NSS and even started brainstorming what my front-end capstone could be. I am glad to have such realistic expectations formed so early.

Through the rest of the week, I set up the developer environment on my computer, learned my way around the Bash terminal and dived into review of HTML and CSS fundamentals. I was already very confident with the HTML and CSS concepts, as much of that was already covered in detail in the pre-work. However, getting used to the terminal was enlightening, and allowed me to complete a variety of standard tasks on my system with new agility.

Furthermore, during live coding exercises, I witnessed immediately how powerful a comprehensive knowledge of keyboard shortcuts can be. Many actions that I use my mouse for can be completed just as easily with shortcuts, and then my hands never have to leave the keyboard.

I am settling into the world of development, and getting only more excited as the class ramps up in intensity over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more posts marking my development at Nashville Software School and in the developer community at large.